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Adolescent Counseling Montreal

Adolescence is a turbulent time for many. It is a time when many teenagers feel that they are alone because they are trying to distinguish themselves from their parents and families, and at the same time may lack other reliable and stable supports. My work with adolescents has included: helping them resolve relationship issues in their families, helping them overcome anxiety, depression, perfectionism, procrastination and low-motivation. I have worked with adolescents who have felt hopeless or self-destructive at times, or who have struggled to find a sense of belonging in their peer groups at school. Many adolescents additionally have to cope with parental divorce, or other losses that impact their day to day lives, and may contribute to greater insecurity.

In this work, my goals may include:

  • helping the adolescent build bridges and connections with important others.
  • fostering trust in the working therapeutic relationship so that he/she feels comfortable exploring difficult feelings and different ways of coping with a problem.
  • Supporting the use of the adolescents' values and belief system as a protective factor in healthy decision-making.